5 ridiculous ways to get rid of stress under $5

Life with kids, work and a household to maintain is tough. It’s not anxiety proof by any means. But, self-care is important and sometimes that means knowing how to get rid of stress when all else fails. Here’s five great ways to do just that on little to no budget.

1. Scalp Massagers – Under $1 with FREE shipping!

scalp massagerHave you ever had the pleasure of meeting a scalp massager in person? And I don’t mean a visit to the salon. These things look scary. They look like an ancient torture device. Why would I want to put that on my head? I’ll be honest with you… my husband’s family is all for it. They have used them religiously for years. So, needless to say, one day I was downright attacked by these things. I sat on the couch for a relaxing show all snuggled up to my then-boyfriend, and then he did it. One prong after another grazed the top of my head. I laughed uncontrollably for minutes because without pressure, it tickles. Once I calmed down, he put pressure on the device and it was heavenly. Dare I say: better than a salon visit. Besides, the salon visit is once a month or even more infrequent and could cost hundreds of dollars each time. Whereas you can keep this scalp massager with you at all times if you really wanted a personal masseuse! Hey, for $1.10 for two with free shipping, you can’t afford NOT to try it out! Or, splurge for the $15.99 scalp massager that vibrates for an extra good time!

2. Mrs. Meyer’s lavender multi-surface cleaner – under $5

meyersDo you get handy with cleaners when your angry or nervous? Try Mrs. Meyer’s cleaners with lavender. De-stress by cleaning and by taking in the essential oils found inside these cleaners! Try the multi-surface cleaner for under $5 and tie it in with a larger pantry order for $5 off! Think you’re going to need more than one? Here’s a set for $40 containing: Mrs. Meyers Lavender Kitchen Set : Bundle Contains (1) Lavender Scented Candle, (1) Dish Drying Mat, (1) Lavender Liquid Dish Soap, (1) Lavender Multi-Surface Cleaner and(1) Lavender Liquid Hand.

3. Fidget toys – under $3

fidgetSometimes, we can’t get away from the crazy. Like when our kids want to ask for the thousandth snack of the day and we’re putting our foot down. “No, you can’t have a snack while you’re eating breakfast.” A fidget toy, though, is easy enough to slip in my pocket and just, well, fidget with instead of losing my temper so easily. These even come in a three pack for $2.79 with free shipping! Think: Teacher gifts!

4. Laugh the kids away from snack-time – under $5

Gather the kids – quick! Pull a joke out of the first joke book you find and completely change the mood! Here’s a great one for $2.88.  Add it to your cart with this one for $2.99 and the total still comes up to less than $5!whoopie

5. Whoopie! – under $5

When all else fails, we like to laugh around our house. Grab one of these self-inflating whoopie cushions… I trust you know what to do with them. The kids will be beside themselves wondering who ‘dun it! Enjoy!



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