First thrifting trip: 5 interesting finds

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I’ve been telling my husband for a while that we need to start making extra money to help pay the bills. Doesn’t everyone? His mind went straight to building things to sell. Which is awesome! My mind went to thrifting. I’m not quite sure why, but I thought, why not? I’ll give it a go. So, I sat on the idea for a while and finally went on my first thrifting trip the other day! I thought it would be easy. But, apparently not everything is somewhere on the googles. Now I have five beautiful pieces that I can’t completely research! Eek! Can you lend a hand?

1. Paintings by Fabrice De Villeneuve

These pieces are beautiful, although have some minor wear and tear on them. Both made in Canada, they each have their own certificate of authenticity and are signed by the artist himself. One is edition 5/995; the other is edition 73/995. These were $5 each at Goodwill, but were half off. I paid $5 for both. I think I can get $50 for the pair.

2. Tiny mirror from Hickory Manor House

hickory manor house 3
Hickory Manor House mirror

I wouldn’t normally pick up a mirror, but this caught my eye because it was tiny (about half a sheet of paper) and the decorations are ornate. The mirror itself is just tiny there in the middle. That confused me. Knowing Hickory Manor House is a big deal is also why I picked this one up. This particularly mirror cannot be found in their current listings on the Hickory Manor House Website. Their items tend to be expensive (at least for my tastes). So, I thought, if I’m picking it up for a couple of bucks and selling it for $30-150, I’ve made a good bargain! Have you seen this piece before?

3. Vintage Asian painting

geisha 3

I purchased this picture for $2 while Goodwill thrifting. The frame material seems to be primarily wood or bamboo for a more oriental feel. It’s beautiful and looks new, until you turn it around. Once you turn the picture around, you can tell just by a quick glance that the frame is old, let alone the image inside. The “Stern’s Picture Frames” tag on the back intrigued me. Stern’s, I believe may have also been called Stern Brothers, was, as one can see from the image, located at 3120 Bainbridge Avenue at 204th Street in Bronx, NY. OLinville, at the top of the tag, may reference a phone number of 5-2404. An old-fashioned hanging wire can be seen behind the black backing. Someone clearly tried peeling the backing back at one point at the top, probably in hopes of finding signatures. None can be found; however, one can see old-fashioned nails used to keep everything in place. The image itself is also curious. Although I’m no expert, I would it looks to be a mother of pearl inlay possibly with black lacquer. The Geisha presented is wearing a beautiful, large dress. Could this be a wedding dress? I don’t know enough about the culture to say. The image seems to be unsigned, although there are several Asian writing character look-a-likes embedded in the image. I would need a more skilled eye to look at this. I could only find one picture sold from “Stern’s Picture & Mirror Shop” (same address and phone number). That image is also Asian in nature, but doesn’t look like the one I found. It’s being sold for $124. Take a look!

4. Vintage Smithfield Weather Station/Thermometer

springfield 3

This item didn’t seem worth it, to be honest. But, I brought it home anyway because I loved the way the letters and design looked. This vintage Smithfield weather station was probably meant for a patio and gauges temperature and humidity. It was made by Springfield Instrument Company, Inc. out of Hacken Sack, NJ. I would believe this is a “retro” type item, probably from the 60s or 70s. But, I can’t find it online! Can you help?

I obviously should have invested a tiny bit to read up on successful thrifting before I ventured out into the wild! I’m going to check out this book before I run out again.


  1. I love your perspective. I have no insights into your new found objects, but my guess is you are on the right track. Best wishes on your endeavors!!


  2. My daughter did that for a while and she loved it! But you definitely need the room for your finds and treasures while you’re waiting for your perfect customer to come along.


  3. I do this a little bit in my free time and post them on my website. My mom and I share our finds online with each other too. You might check out estate sales in your area for really unique picks too!


  4. That is a really good way to earn extra money! I love going
    To thrift shops and I actually
    Ran a thrift table at my
    Sons school event and some
    Of the items were worth a lot !


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