Barbie’s Vlog could really make an impact

BarbieSearching through Facebook today, I saw a post about Barbie’s Vlog. And by Barbie, I mean the doll. The doll we came to love as girls, then hate as adults, and maybe we love them again, has a Vlog of her very own. And I have to say it: I was impressed. I called my daughters in right away to check it out.

We watched this one about feeling blue and you couldn’t hear another peep in the house until it was finished. Then we watched another one, just because. Woah, Barbie. She really gets a bad wrap, but I don’t think she’s all that bad. And not just because she’s cooler than me again. But, despite her Barbie-perfect size and everything-pink world, she puts a positive spin on being a girl. I am absolutely in love with how the Barbie brand is continuing to morph into this powerful, peaceful, mindful company who can really impact young people.

I’m curious to see where Barbie takes this newfound marketplace courage. Thank you, Barbie, for changing the discussion. It’s important! I’m looking forward to more Vlogs from Barbie! And, of course, my oldest daughter wants her own Vlog now. So, we’ll see how that one goes!

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