It’s kitten time! Saving Baby Moose

Moose scaredBaby Moose was shaking from hunger Monday night. He was rescued from underneath the deck of a home filled with humans who were about ready to drop Moose and other kittens off “down the road” because they didn’t want to care for them. And I get that. It’s a lot, especially if you don’t have pets. It’s expensive and time consuming and the love we shed for these creatures is incredible. But, is it too much to ask someone not to just dump more kittens somewhere? I digress.

Baby Moose ended up in a loving home with a dog who really wanted a kitten… for dinner.

MooseBaby Moose was moved to another home temporarily which would have had his new mama paying $800 just to be allowed to keep him. So, now Baby Moose is here in our menagerie of beings. And he’s beautiful. But he was hungry. And seemingly hurt. Moose wouldn’t put any pressure on one of his paws. It was shaking pretty badly, too. We were sure it was hurt badly. He was tiny. His tail is even tinier. This one needed love.

KittensMoose boopThere was doubt, though, that we needed another pet. We just rescued another kitten a week ago. But, it’s that time of year. The other adults in the house at the time were sure we did not need this kitten. And I was sure of the same. But, the kitten needed out of where it was. So, here we are. With a tiny kitten. It only took him a day to feel comfortable enough to run around the house and start to eat well. He obviously does not have a broken foot. Rescuing is scary because we don’t have the funds to help should they have major medical concerns. However, all the local rescues with funds are full. It’s a double-edged sword. :-/ But, we have love and we know we can give that in abundance.

Welcome, Baby Moose. Now: Time to find the litter pan.

Moose Love


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